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  1. Eternal Ink Neutral Gray Set - 1oz (30ml)
    Introducing an essential addition to ...
  2. Eternal Top 25 Colour Set - 1oz
    The top 25 colour set provided by ete...
  3. Eternal Primary Colour Sample Set
    This is an attractive and reliable se...

    From £119.00

  4. Eternal Ink 1oz/30ml Gold Set 60 Colours
    Complete Gold Set of 60 1oz/30ml Eter...
  5. Eternal Ink Myke Chambers - 12 Colour Set
    Eternal Ink Myke Chambers 12 Colour...
  6. Travel Set - Eternal Ink
    Anyone who travels, or just particula...
  7. Eternal Ink 1/2oz Gold Set 60 Colours
    Eternal Ink 15ml Gold Set 60 Colours....
  8. Portrait Colour Kit 1oz
    This set of 12 different shades allow...
  9. Eternal Ink - Silver Set
    We strive to ensure that you have eve...

    From £476.50

  10. Seasonal Spectrum 1oz - Set
    The Seasonal Spectrum set is the newe...
  11. Eternal Ink Motor City Set 12 Colours 1oz/30ml
    Eternal Inks New Set inspired by vint...
  12. Liz Cook Series 1oz Set of 12 colours
    Eternal inks are always a high qualit...
  13. Eternal Ink Halo Set 12 Colours 1oz (30ml)
    Eternal Ink Halo Range 12 Bottle Set ...
  14. Eternal Ink Levgen Signature Series Set
    Eternal Ink Eternal Ink Levgen Signat...
  15. Kelly Doty Ressurection 1oz/30ml Set
    Four Eternal Ink colours were killed-...
  16. Eternal 2oz/60ml Jess Yen 22 Colour Set
    Jess Yen’s tattoo art blends elements...
  17. Muted Earth Tone Kit
    The Eternal Inks Muted Earth Tone kit...
  18. Rember Signature Set
    Eternal Ink Rember Signature Set 10 C...
  19. Zombie Colour Kit
    The Zombie Ink tattoo collection is a...
  20. Eternal Ink Goran Micic Set (8) - 1oz/30ml
    Eternal Ink have teamed up with the i...
  21. M Series Set
    This range of colours is the ideal so...

    From £66.50

  22. Liz Cook Series 1/2oz Set of 12 colours
    The Liz Cook series consists of 12 at...
    Out of stock
    Out of stock
  23. Eternal Ink Andrea Afferni Portrait Set -1oz (30ml)
    Eternal Ink Andrea Afferni Portrait ...
    Out of stock
    Out of stock
  24. Eternal Ink Frank La Natra Set - 1oz (30ml) 12 Bottles
    Eternal Ink have teamed up with Frank...
    Out of stock
    Out of stock

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Eternal Ink provide many different colour ink sets so that you can try them all or just part of a tattoo ink range. Eternal's standard colour range consists of 50 unique colours and are available in 1oz, 2oz & 4oz bottles. All our inks are sterilised to the highest quality so that they are ready to rock straight from the bottle. High quality pigment, non-toxic organic ink. Eternal Ink have now become one of the most popular tattoo inks in the tattooing world with huge range of over 100 vibrant colours available in a variety of sizes to suit you best. These inks come in particularly bright colours, perfect for arty designs.