Tattoo Aftercare

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  1. Hustle Butter Deluxe - 150ml/5oz
    A 100% natural, organic and vegan rep...

    From £2.00 Incl. Tax: £2.40

  2. EZ Derm Defender – Tattoo Healing Film
    EZ Derm Defender is designed specific...

    From £4.99 Incl. Tax: £5.99

  3. Inkeeze Green Tattoo Ointment
    Inkeeze Green tattooing ointment is b...

    From £13.49 Incl. Tax: £16.19

  4. Barber DTS Cling Film (100m)
    The Barber DTS branded cling film is ...
    £2.19 Incl. Tax: £2.63
  5. Inkeeze Pink Tattoo Ointment
    Inkeeze Pink is a NON-Petroleum based...

    From £1.69 Incl. Tax: £2.03

  6. Dermalize Pro Roll and Retail Packs
    Dermalize Protective Tattoo Film is t...

    From £5.99 Incl. Tax: £7.19

  7. Inkeeze Purple Tattoo Ointment
    Inkeeze Purple is a NON-Petroleum bas...

    From £1.69 Incl. Tax: £2.03

  8. Bepanthen Ointment
    Bepanthen is an easily absorbed cream...
    £3.29 Incl. Tax: £3.95
  9. YAYO Encore Naturally Numbing Cleansing Foam 200 ml
    YAYO Encore Naturally Numbing Cleansi...
    £7.99 Incl. Tax: £9.59
  10. Penny Black Tattoo Butter
    A revolutionary skincare that has bee...

    From £8.99 Incl. Tax: £10.79

  11. TattooMed® Tattoo Protection Film
    TattooMed® Tattoo Protection Film is ...

    From £27.49 Incl. Tax: £32.99

  12. Smelly Gelly 8.5g
    This is great product and can elimina...
    £3.99 Incl. Tax: £4.79
  13. YAYO Encore Naturally Numbing Green Soap & Cleansing Foam Con...
    YAYO Encore Tattoo Butter contains th...
    £12.49 Incl. Tax: £14.99
  14. YAYO Tattoo Cleansing Foam 200ml - Bubblicious
    YAYO Cleansing Foam Bubblicious smell...
    £6.99 Incl. Tax: £8.39
  15. EASYTATTOO PRO® 500g Vaseline
    White petroleum jelly of pharmaceutic...
    £6.99 Incl. Tax: £8.39
  16. Premier Products - Tattoofinish (240 ml)
    Tattoofinish is sprayed on the skin d...
    £16.99 Incl. Tax: £20.39
  17. Sorry Mom Process Butter
    Sorry Mom Tattoo Process Butter can b...

    From £17.49 Incl. Tax: £20.99

  18. YAYO Encore Naturally Numbing Tattoo Butter 250ml
    YAYO Encore Tattoo Butter contains th...
    £21.99 Incl. Tax: £26.39
  19. A+D Ointment
    This non-lanolin ointment contains Vi...
    £24.49 Incl. Tax: £29.39
  20. Tattoo Goo Original
    Tattoo Goo is both pharmacist and der...

    From £4.49 Incl. Tax: £5.39

  21. THC Aftercare (24 Pack)
    Tattoo Aftercare contains a unique bl...

    From £48.49 Incl. Tax: £58.19

  22. YAYO Tattoo Cleansing Foam 200ml - Spook
    £6.99 Incl. Tax: £8.39
  23. Sorry Mom Tattoo Film – Singles
    Regenerative tattoo film for fresh ta...

    From £5.49 Incl. Tax: £6.59

  24. Penny Black Foam Wash 200ml - Bubblegum
    Penny Black bring you a bubble-gum es...
    £9.49 Incl. Tax: £11.39

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Tattoo aftercare products are an important component for a great tattoo. With the right tattoo aftercare, the fresh tattoo is optimally supplied with nutrients and therefore heals better and more reliably. At Barber DTS, we stock a large selection of high-quality tattoo aftercare products and tattoo lubricants from brands like INKEEZE, Proton, YAYO, TattooGoo, Cheyenne, Hustle Butter, and more.

Whether you and your customer prefer tattoo butter or tattoo aftercare cream, or are looking for vegan tattoo aftercare products, we have the right product for you. Of course you can also find Second Skin products from manufacturers such as Dermalize, TattooMed and Sorry Mom as an alternative to classic tattoo aftercare with cling film.