Tattoo Aftercare

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Tattoo Perfection with High-Quality Tattoo Aftercare Products in the UK

Tattoo aftercare is an important aspect of fixing your art to the skin and achieving the best possible result. Only with the right care can your customers' tattoos heal optimally and last a long time. That's why at Barber DTS, we offer a wide selection of respected brands, including INKEEZE, Proton, YAYO, TattooGoo, Cheyenne, Hustle Butter and more, to provide your studio with top-notch tattoo aftercare products.

Optimize Healing and Customer Satisfaction

By utilizing the right tattoo aftercare products, you can optimize the healing process of your clients' fresh tattoos. Our range of high-quality tattoo aftercare options supplies the necessary nutrients and protection for a better and more reliable healing. Whether your studio prefers tattoo butter or tattoo aftercare cream, we have the perfect product to suit your needs.

Before, After, During

Tattoo aftercare can be used even more than just, as the name suggests, after tattooing. With a high-quality tattoo butter, it is possible to nourish and support the skin during the tattoo process. The consistency is more pleasant than conventional Vaseline (which we of course also have in our range) and by adding essential oils and other additives, the foundation for healing can already be laid while working with the skin.

Respect for Ethical Choices

We are committed to meeting the diverse needs of your studio and your clients. We offer a variety of vegan tattoo aftercare products to accommodate those who prioritize ethical choices. Our vegan-friendly options are crafted with the same level of quality and care, providing excellent healing benefits while respecting your clients' values.

Curated Selection of Trusted Brands

We understand that your studio's reputation is built on the quality of the products you use. That's why we curate our selection to include only reputable brands known for their exceptional results. From industry favorites like INKEEZE and Proton to innovative brands like YAYO, TattooGoo, Cheyenne, and Hustle Butter, our range of tattoo aftercare products covers a broad spectrum of options. You can trust that the products you offer your clients are of the highest quality.

Explore Alternative Tattoo Aftercare Options

In addition to traditional aftercare methods, we also offer alternative options to provide your clients with a unique healing experience. Second Skin products, including those from Dermalize, TattooMed, EZ and Sorry Mom, offer an alternative to the classic cling film approach. These specialized products create a protective barrier while allowing the tattoo to breathe, promoting optimal healing conditions.

Partner with Barber DTS for Premium Tattoo Aftercare Products

At Barber DTS, we understand the importance of client satisfaction and proper healing in the tattooing process. By offering our premium tattoo aftercare products, you can enhance the overall client experience at your studio. Our wide range of high-quality aftercare creams, butters, and other products ensures that your clients' tattoos receive the care they deserve.

Trust in Our Expertise

With years of experience providing top-notch tattoo aftercare products in the UK and Europe, Barber DTS is your trusted partner in meeting the needs of your studio. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results and supporting your studio's success. Browse our collection of premium tattoo aftercare products today to provide your clients with the best possible healing experience.

The Most Effective Aftercare for Your Tattoo Studio

Choose Barber DTS for your tattoo aftercare needs and elevate the quality of service your studio provides. With our extensive range of high-quality tattoo aftercare products, you can ensure that each client receives optimal healing and exceptional results. Shop with confidence at Barber DTS and take your studio's aftercare game to the next level.