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  1. Viscot Mini Tattoo Skin Marker
    The Mini Tattoo Markers are filled wi...
  2. A4 Thermal Paper – Purple (8½ x 11”)
    Thermal copier paper by Spirit is use...
  3. Viscot Value Tattoo Skin Marker
    The Vismark™ Value Skin Markers...
  4. White Vaseline
    Convenient Vaseline Single Packs for ...

    From £0.23

  5. Viscot Twin Tip Skin Marker
    The Dual Tip Marker has waterproof pe...
  6. Tattoo Skin Doodler Pens
    These Skin Doodler pens are ideal for...

    From £1.25

  7. Hectograph Carbon Paper
    Pack of 25 Spirit A4 Purple Hectograp...
  8. The Original Stencil Stuff 250ml
    The original Stencil Stuff created by...
  9. Electrum Premium Tattoo Stencil Primer
    Keep your stencil locked onto the ski...

    From £6.49

  10. Skin Marker Pen
    Ensure you always use a specialised S...
  11. InkJet Stencils Prep Spray 8oz
    8oz InkJet Stencil Prep Spray which i...
  12. PinUp Tattoo Practice Skin
    Pin-Up high quality thick tattoo prac...
  13. Viscot Twin Tip Skin Marker
    The Twin Tip Marker is filled with tr...
  14. Spirit Barrier Transfer Cream
    From ReproFX, the makers of Spirit Ta...

    From £3.89

  15. Black Thermal Copier
    This Black Thermal Copier is created ...
  16. Stencil Premium Eraser
    Tattoo Stencil Eraser by AloeTattoo® ...
  17. InkJet Stencil 4oz Bottle
    Say goodbye to thermal carbon printin...
  18. Brushpen Skinmarkers
    These brush pen skin markers from Edd...

    From £1.25

  19. Skin Marker Sterile
    The sterile skin marker by Barber DTS...
  20. Stencil Premium
    It is a high quality product , very e...

    From £10.99

  21. Spirit A4 Purple Hecto Carbon Paper - Box of 200
    Box of 200, This Original Spirit Purp...
  22. Stencil Honey 200ml
    A good tattoo starts with preparation...
  23. Viscot Mini XL Tattoo Skin Marker
    The first prep resistant ink skin mar...
  24. Stencil Stuff Spray
    Stencil Stuff Spray comes in a 8oz sp...

1 to 24 of 85

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At Barber, we have a range of art supplies available so that you can create the perfect design on paper or straight onto the skin. Whether you are looking for a stencil or pens for freehand work we have it. We also have a range of pens, pencils and other drawing materials available at Barber to suit all of your needs.