The LACEnano Tattoo Machine is the lightest tattoo machine in the world, weighing only 45g. As well as it's incredible lightness, it is also fully autoclave making it one of the easiest to use tattoo machines available. Each LACEnano brushless magnetic drive rotary tattoo machine is machined from the best quality air grade aluminium. Only the best materials and components are used throughout. From the dental grade bearings to the custom autoclavable brushless motor.

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  1. LACEnano Tattoo Machine
    The LACEnano Tattoo Machine is the li...
  2. LACEnano PRO kit
     The LACEnano PRO kit includes: 1 x o...
  3. Black - LACEnano Tattoo Machine
      LACEnano have finally caved in...
  4. LACEnano Power Cable
    - 2m/6,5ft long - 24 carat gold plate...
  5. LACEnano Tattoo Machine (SINGLE)
    - Lightest machine on the market (46g...

5 Items

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