Tattoo Machines

The tattoo machine is the tattooist’s most important piece of equipment, and so we have made a special effort to supply something for everyone. Choose from our huge range of new and innovative tattoo machines or opt for the more traditional choice in our trusted coil tattoo machines. Unsure which will suit you best? First head to our rotary vs. coil machine guide.

Barber DTS stock some of the latest rotary tattoo machines to grace the market from popular brands such as Bishop Rotary, Spektra, Stigma and InkJecta. Not to mention the sophisticated and reliable equipment by Cheyenne Hawk and the ‘lightest rotary tattoo machine’ from LACEnano.

Our professional tattoo machines are carefully chosen based on their performance, comfort and price, meaning that any colouring, lining or shading can be done with accuracy and precision; allowing professional tattoo artists to produce their best work and thoroughly enjoy using the machine whilst doing so.

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