Arm Rests

Barber DTS supply a fantastic selection of arm rests for use in the tattoo studio. Designed to provide the customer with the best comfort possible whilst positioning the arm in the best place possible for the tattooist. All arm rests are made from high quality materials ensuring that they are strong durable and reliable. They are completely adjustable allowing you to change the height at which the arm sits and the angle at which the arm sits. We have armrests suitable for staying in the shop as well as those that can be folded for travelling purposes. Small and compact they are easily stored away when not in use making sure that they will not get in your way. Available arm rests that we have are the Reno Rest, Gen-2 Reno Rest, TATSoul Pylon Arm Rest, Telescopic Arm Rest, TATSoul Convention Travel Rest and the Barber DTS Heavy Duty Arm Rest.

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  1. Compact Tattoo Arm/Leg Rest
    Portable Compact Tattoo Arm/Leg Rest ...
  2. Tat Tech - Deluxe Tattoo Armrest
    Put Your Customer at Ease and Work at...
  3. Tat Tech - Tripod Tattoo Arm Rest
    Sturdy, portable Tattoo Arm Rest with...
  4. Tat Tech - Fully Customizable Armrest
    Adjust Height, Angle, and Cushion Des...
  5. Tattoo Armrest
    Barber DTS are pleased to present a t...
  6. TATSoul Pylon Arm Rest
    TATSoul Pylon Armrest features a robu...
  7. TATSoul Convention Travel Arm Rest
    •Ultra portable without compromising ...
  8. Reno Rest
    This versatile, stand-alone rest is s...
  9. TATSoul Pylon Arm Rest - Ox Blood
    TATSoul Pylon Armrest features a robu...
  10. Friction Large Armrest
    This large tattoo armrest boasts an e...
  11. Telescopic Arm Rest
    This telescopic arm rest has a sturdy...
  12. Friction Elite Armrest
    The Friction Elite Armrest is a light...

Items 1 to 12 of 14 Total

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