Machine Spares & Accessories

Machine Spares & Accessories

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  1. Barber DTS Grip Wrap 5cmx4.5m
    This Barber DTS Grip Wrap is designed...

    From £1.35 Incl. Tax: £1.62

  2. Jet Black - Pen Machine Bag - 52x160mm - 200 Pack
    Jet Black Pen Machine Bags are made f...
    £9.99 Incl. Tax: £11.99
  3. Jet Black - Machine Bags - 133x133mm - 200 Pack
    Jet Black Machine Bags are made from ...
    £9.99 Incl. Tax: £11.99
  4. Eikon Rubber Bands
    Standard #12 rubber bands will put th...

    From £7.69 Incl. Tax: £9.23

  5. Rubber Bands Brown 100 pieces
    Barber DTS are pleased to provide bro...
    £3.39 Incl. Tax: £4.07
  6. Bishop Rotary Fantom - Spare Cam and Bearing 4.2
    While tattoo machines generally provi...
    £23.99 Incl. Tax: £28.79
  7. Eikon Conventional Springs - Blue
    Eikon Conventional springs are design...

    From £2.89 Incl. Tax: £3.47

  8. Economy Grommets Hard Top Hat Black 100
    With a wide selection of shapes, colo...
    £3.89 Incl. Tax: £4.67
  9. Eikon Tru-Springs - Blue
    Tru-Spring springs are designed speci...

    From £2.89 Incl. Tax: £3.47

  10. Needle Drive Bar
    The Stainless Steel Bar and Ball is u...

    From £3.39 Incl. Tax: £4.07

  11. Bishop Rotary - Spare Cam and Bearing 4.2 Extra Long Stoke
    While tattoo machines generally provi...
    £23.99 Incl. Tax: £28.79
  12. Bishop Rotary - Spare Spring
    Springs are one component of your tat...
    £4.99 Incl. Tax: £5.99
  13. Grommets Doughnut Black
    When it comes to working with tattoo ...
    £4.39 Incl. Tax: £5.27
  14. Inox Lube MX6 - 15ml

    Inox Lube MX6 - 15ml

    £16.45 Incl. Tax: £19.74
  15. Eikon Tattoo Machine Bags
    Prevents cross contamination and dama...

    From £10.99 Incl. Tax: £13.19

  16. Powerline Tattoo Machine Springs
    Precision cut front and back springs ...

    From £1.09 Incl. Tax: £1.31

  17. Doughnut Grommets
    Doughnut Tattoo Grommets available in...

    From £4.39 Incl. Tax: £5.27

  18. Barber 10 Wrap Coils
    Barber DTS stock a range of machine s...
    £16.99 Incl. Tax: £20.39
  19. Cam for Inkjecta Flite v2.1-3.25mm
    The stroke of the Injecta Flite v2.1 ...
    £19.49 Incl. Tax: £23.39
  20. Silicone O Rings Black 15mm
    Silicone O Rings are obtainable at Ba...
    £4.39 Incl. Tax: £5.27
  21. Silencer Armature Bar
    The silencer armature bar by Eternal ...
    £8.89 Incl. Tax: £10.67
  22. Back Spring Medium
    This is a useful item to have at hand...
    £8.99 Incl. Tax: £10.79
  23. Tool to Align Armature Bar
    The armature bar alignment tool is a ...
    £12.99 Incl. Tax: £15.59
  24. Silver Tip Contact Screw
    Silver Tip Contact Screw - Black, Bra...

    From £3.21 Incl. Tax: £3.85

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At some point, every tattooist will need to replace the parts of their tattoo machine. Over time and after a lot of use the parts on your machine will have been subjected to a lot of wear and tear. This can loosen parts on your machine making them less reliable and even unusable.

Thankfully Barber DTS supply a whole range of tattoo machine parts and spares for machines widely used in the UK. We supply everything from grommets and coils to spare machine bags for extra protection. If you're worried your tattoo machine is in need of some TLC or you’re the prepared and cautious type, look no further than our parts and spares to ensure the maintenance and smooth running of your machine.