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We have a fantastic selection of power supplies available to power your tattoo machines. They are of the highest quality ensuring that your machine runs smoothly and efficiently at all times. The new CX2-G2 from Critical tattoo has everything you need to perform at the best of your ability such as session timers so that it cuts out for a break at each time set, it is faster to operate and light as well as durable. There are also mounts in stock so that you can mount your power supply anywhere at any time when you are finished so it is no just resting on the bench.

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  1. FK Irons Spektra Flux PowerBolt Only
    Get yourself this extra FK Irons Spek...
  2. TATSoul Convention Power Supply
    The TATSoul Travel Power Supply fuses...
  3. Cheyenne PU 1 Tattoo Power Unit
    This power unit from Cheyenne is a tr...
  4. Cheyenne PU II Tattoo Power Unit
    The Cheyenne PU ll power unit is a mu...
  5. FK Irons LightningBolt Battery Pack
    It’s time to cut the cord. Welcome to...
  6. Sunskin Power Supply
    The Sunskin power supply is light and...

    From £154.99

  7. TATSoul Brick Power Supply - Brass
    Inspired by a time when products were...
  8. Prime Mini Power Supply – Silver
    The Prime Mini Power Supply provides ...
    Out of stock
  9. RPS-600 Wireless Power Supply (inc. 2 Power Packs)
    Includes 2 power packs The RPS-600 wi...
  10. Prime Mini Power Supply – Black
    The Prime Mini Power Supply provides ...
    Out of stock
  11. TATSoul Rage - Touch Screen Continuous
    This new cutting edge power supply no...
    Out of stock
  12. RPS-600 Wireless Power Supply (inc. 4 Power Packs)
    Includes 4 power packs The RPS-600 wi...

Items 1 to 12 of 74 Total

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