Sterilisation Equipment

Sterilisation Equipment

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  1. Sterilisation Pouches
    These Self Seal Sterilisation Pouches...

    From £10.29 Incl. Tax: £12.35

  2. Distilled Water
    Distilled water can be extremely usef...

    From £2.99 Incl. Tax: £3.59

  3. Unigloves Black Disposable Rinse Cups (100)
    Barber DTS are thrilled to present th...
    £2.05 Incl. Tax: £2.46
  4. Black Widow Sterilisation Pouches
    Black Widow Sterilisation Pouches fro...

    From £6.49 Incl. Tax: £7.79

  5. Purified Water
    These bottles of purified water are a...

    From £2.55 Incl. Tax: £3.06

  6. Unigloves Pink Disposable Rinse Cups (100)
    Pink disposable plastic cups to be us...
    £2.05 Incl. Tax: £2.46
  7. White Disposable Cups (100)
    Barber DTS Disposable Cups should not...
    £2.99 Incl. Tax: £3.59
  8. Autoclave Tape
    This Autoclave Indicator Tape from Br...

    From £3.79 Incl. Tax: £4.55

  9. Autoclavable Wash Bottle with Spigot
    These sturdy and robust bottles from ...

    From £13.99 Incl. Tax: £16.79

  10. Rapidex
    Use Rapidex to make light work of all...

    From £25.49 Incl. Tax: £30.59

  11. Ultrawave M-Formula
    Use Ultrawave M – Formula for cleanin...
    £20.49 Incl. Tax: £24.59
  12. Ink-Out Tattoo Ink Cleaner - 0.95L
    This Ink-Out cleaning product is idea...
    £12.49 Incl. Tax: £14.99
  13. Rapizyme Enzyme Cleaner 1 litre
    When seeking a cleaning fluid for you...
    £37.99 Incl. Tax: £45.59
  14. Braun Helizyme
    Braun Helizyme is an Enzymatic cleane...
    £17.49 Incl. Tax: £20.99
  15. Printer Roll for Excel Autoclave
    Our printer rolls/paper are compatibl...
    £13.49 Incl. Tax: £16.19
  16. Helix Test Device and Replacement Strips
    The Helix test enables the operator t...

    From £19.49 Incl. Tax: £23.39

  17. Prestige Medical 2100/01Classic
    Please note that you will be contacte...

    From £14.99 Incl. Tax: £17.99

  18. Cleaning Powder for Water Distiller
    The ideal cleaning powder for Water D...
    £28.99 Incl. Tax: £34.79
  19. Autoclave Cleaning Solution
    Barber DTS are delighted to present S...
    £13.79 Incl. Tax: £16.55
  20. TST Control Strips
    These TST Control strips are for use ...

    From £21.79 Incl. Tax: £26.15

  21. Portable Prestige Medical with Printer – Visage
    Please note that you will be contacte...

    From £62.49 Incl. Tax: £74.99

  22. Sealing Gasket
    Sealing gaskets are supplied as spare...
    £54.99 Incl. Tax: £65.99
  23. Replacement Stainless Baskets - Ultrawave
    This is a fantastic, durable and reli...

    From £39.99 Incl. Tax: £47.99

  24. Table Heat Sealer
    Barber DTS are delighted to present t...
    £137.99 Incl. Tax: £165.59

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Of course, as anyone in the tattoo industry knows, it is of massive importance that all of your equipment is clean and sterile, for the safety of your clients and the wellbeing of your business. To this end we offer a variety of different products which will aid the sterilisation of your tattoo studio. First of all we offer a fantastic range of autoclaves, with a number of different sizes, models and designs so that you can be sure to find something that suits your particular needs and preferences, as well as a selection of accessories for these products such as replacement lids and stainless steel baskets. Additionally we offer a number of the items you might need in order to operate your autoclave effectively, which includes load check indicators, cleaning solution, distilled and purified water, sterilisation pouches and autoclave bags and a number of other products that are sure to provide the right solutions for your requirements.