Tattoo Ink

Barber DTS are one of the UK’s leading suppliers for tattoo ink, offering a vast selection of colours and shades, as well as ink sets from the tattoo industry’s most popular brands.

As a tattoo artist, you won’t be disappointed with the choice of tattoo inks from well-known brands such as Eternal, World Famous, Kuro Sumi and Intenze. You can rest assured that we only provide materials and equipment of the highest standard - certainly when it comes to tattoo inks, where quality is imperative. Combining these inks with our mixing and thinning solutions will allow you to create the perfect ink colour and consistency.

All of our inks are sterilised in the UK, ensuring they are safe and effective to use in your tattoo studio. Tattoo inks made with vegan-friendly ingredients are also available from the likes of Cheyenne and Silverback.

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