Health and safety is priority in tattoo and piercing parlours. Tattoo gloves are important to ensure both the client and the artist are safe from the spreading of infections and that tattoos are administered safely and hygienically. Barber DTS provide a range of professional tattoo gloves made with premium materials and thickness to comfortably aid grip, prevent splitting and protect against infection.

Black gloves protect from residual tattoo ink and powder free gloves reduce the chance of an allergic reaction for you or the client. A range of glove sizes are available from Extra Small to Extra Large.

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  1. Uniglove Latex Gloves
    Uniglove Latex Gloves
    Choose these professional grade latex...

    From £4.95

  2. Uniglove Nitrile Gloves
    Uniglove Nitrile Gloves
    These gloves from Uniglove are manufa...

    From £4.95

  3. Panthera Latex Gloves
    Panthera Latex Gloves
    These high quality latex gloves from ...

    From £5.99

  4. Piranha Latex Powder Free Gloves
    Piranha Latex Powder Free Gloves
    Black Latex gloves powder free. Comfo...

    From £5.49

  5. Violet Pearl Nitrile Powder Free Glove
    Violet Pearl Nitrile Powder Free Glove
    Violet nitrile latex free and powder ...

    From £5.25

  6. Unigloves Extended Cuff - Black Latex
    Unigloves Extended Cuff - Black Latex
    The Unigloves Black Powder Free Latex...

    From £6.99

  7. Ebony Nitrile Gloves
    Ebony Nitrile Gloves
    Choose Ebony Nitrile gloves as a prem...

    From £7.09

  8. Latex Lightly powdered Gloves
    Glove+ Latex Gloves
    These gloves are produced by the comp...

    From £4.99

  9. Glove+ Vinyl Gloves
    Glove+ Vinyl Gloves
    These vinyl gloves are ideal for anot...

    From £3.69

  10. Prime Piercing Glove - Blue
    Prime Piercing Glove - Blue
    These piercing gloves from Prime are ...

    From £5.39

  11. Prime Piercing Glove Pink
    Prime Piercing Glove Pink
    There are plenty of options when it c...

    From £5.39

  12. Black Widow Latex Gloves
    Black Widow Latex Gloves
    Wearing protective gloves that are th...

    From £3.99

    Out of stock

Items 1 to 12 of 22 Total

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