Machine Bags

Eikon and MOMS tattoo products are world leading, which is why you should take a good look at these tattoo machine bags to see which one is right for you. The Eikon is a specialist cover perfect for all tattoo machines but we also have others which protect your tattooing equipment from contamination.

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  1. Eikon Tattoo Machine Bags
    Prevents cross contamination and dama...

    From 94,00 kr

  2. Black Widow Machine Protection Bags
    Hygiene is one of the most important ...
    76,00 kr
  3. Sapphire Tattoo Machine Cover Bags (5""x7"") ...
    Keep your tattoo machine clean with o...
    90,00 kr
  4. Barber DTS - 250 Elasticated Machine Bags
    Hygiene is one of the most important ...
    70,00 kr
  5. Tattoo Machine Protection Bags
    Barber DTS supply a variety of machin...
    117,00 kr

5 Items

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