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  1. Tatsoul Forte Workstation
    Note: Delivery for this item is expec...

    From 126,00 kr

  2. TatSoul Hydraulic Pro Lite II
    Note: Delivery for this item is expec...
    6.928,49 kr
  3. TatSoul X-Mini Portable Table
    The TatSoul X-Mini is a light, portab...
    5.214,99 kr
  4. Tat Tech - Black Tone Artist Stool
    Finished in black this ultra cool erg...
    720,00 kr
  5. TATSoul 270 Artist Chair
    The TATSoul 270 Artist Chair is the p...
    3.128,99 kr
  6. Barber DTS Suitcase Workstation
    This Barber DTS fold-out tattoo works...
    2.729,99 kr
  7. Mako Studio Chair from TATSoul
    The TATSoul Mako Studio Chair is the ...
    3.575,99 kr
  8. Pallas - Hydraulic Black Tattoo Chair
    Note: Delivery for this item is expec...
    3.600,00 kr
  9. Tat Tech - Fully Customizable Armrest
    Adjust Height, Angle, and Cushion Des...
    1.170,00 kr
  10. Bed / Couch Covers (10 per pack)
    The Barber DTS bed covers come in pac...
    70,00 kr
  11. Tat Tech - Portable Traystation
    The Tat Tech Station is light enough ...
    360,00 kr
  12. Tat Tech - Deluxe Tattoo Armrest
    Put Your Customer at Ease and Work at...
    900,00 kr
  13. Mako Studio Chair from TATSoul - Ox Blood
    The TATSoul Mako Studio Chair is the ...
    3.948,99 kr
  14. TATSoul X-Max Portable Tattoo Table - Black
    Building on the foundations of the hi...
    6.146,49 kr
  15. 370, 570 & 680 Retractable Wheels
    TATSoul 370 & 570 Retractable Whe...
    1.020,00 kr
  16. TatSoul X Portable Table
    Note: Delivery for this item is expec...
    5.587,49 kr
  17. Gemini LED Floor Lamp
    Another addition to our Daylight Comp...
    11.869,99 kr
  18. Compact Tattoo Arm/Leg Rest
    Portable Compact Tattoo Arm/Leg Rest ...
    Out of stock
    Out of stock
  19. Portable Aluminium Table (Black)
    1.215,00 kr
  20. Tattoo Cart and Workstation
    The tattoo cart and workstation is id...
    1.854,00 kr
  21. Tat Tech Duotone Artist Stool
    Finished in red and black this ultra ...
    648,00 kr
  22. Mako Lite Artist Chair by TATSoul - Ox Blood
    Features: • Backrest cradles the back...
    2.979,99 kr
  23. Tat Tech - Stainless Steel Workstation
    A fantastic studio addition.It's roll...
    900,00 kr
  24. Barber DTS Heavy Duty Arm Rest
    Black high quality heavy duty leather...
    1.021,00 kr

1 to 24 of 111

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Barber have everything you need for your studio when it comes to, furniture, giving your studio a professional and welcoming look. We have everything from arm rests to studio counters and floor stands to stools. It is extremely important for both the tattooist and customer to be comfortable during a tattoo, no matter its duration. Barber have therefore provided you with a fantastic range of premium furniture to suit you and your customers’ needs on a daily basis.