Tattoo Aftercare

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  1. Bepanthen Ointment
    Bepanthen is an easily absorbed cream...
    22,00 kr
  2. Hustle Butter Deluxe
    A 100% natural, organic and vegan rep...

    From 15,54 kr

  3. Dermalize Pro Roll and Retail Packs
    Dermalize Protective Tattoo Film is t...

    From 40,00 kr

  4. Barber DTS Petroleum Jelly 225ml
    Barber DTS are proud to present our o...
    18,00 kr
  5. Tattoo Goo Original
    Tattoo Goo is both pharmacist and der...

    From 36,00 kr

  6. Penny Black Tattoo Butter
    A revolutionary skincare that has bee...

    From 63,00 kr

  7. Sorry Mom Process Butter
    Developed for the tattooing procedure...

    From 134,00 kr

  8. EASYTATTOO PRO® 500g Vaseline
    White petroleum jelly of pharmaceutic...
    48,49 kr
  9. Sorry Mom Tattoo Balm

    From 39,00 kr

  10. EZ Derm Defender – Tattoo Healing Film
    EZ Derm Defender is designed specific...

    From 48,49 kr

  11. A+D Ointment
    This ointment contains Vitamins A and...
    148,00 kr
  12. Sorry Mom Tattoo Cleanser
    Developed for the tattooing procedure...

    From 60,00 kr

  13. Penny Black Foam Wash 200ml - Bubblegum
    Penny Black bring you a bubble-gum es...
    67,49 kr
  14. Sorry Mom Tattoo Film – Singles
    Regenerative tattoo film for fresh ta...

    From 4,82 kr

  15. Vegan Blue Cream by Nikko Hurtado 4oz/120ml
    After trying every tattoo cream out t...
    189,99 kr
  16. Pro Series Professional Process Butter
    Pro Series Professional Process Tatto...

    From 151,00 kr

  17. Tattoo Goo Lotion 2oz with Healix Gold and Panthenol
    This is a water based formula that he...

    From 47,00 kr

  18. Smelly Gelly 8.5g
    This is great product and can elimina...
    20,99 kr
  19. Hustle Butter CBD Luxe
    Hustle Butter CBD Luxe has the same b...

    From 70,97 kr

  20. Penny Black Foam Wash 200ml - Bubblegum
    Penny Black bring you a bubble-gum es...
    67,49 kr
  21. EASYTATTOO® Box of 30 - 50ml Tattoo Aftercare Cream
    Formulated to be hypoallergenic and d...
    792,49 kr
  22. Ink Booster - 250ml
    Ink Booster is officially recommended...
    162,00 kr
  23. THC Aftercare 20ml
    THC Tattoo Aftercare is the winner of...
    454,00 kr
  24. Blue Wave Saline Cleansing Spray
    Blue Wave Saline Cleansing Spray from...

    From 50,00 kr

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Tattoo aftercare is essential and is a must for every artist. Here at Barber we have all sorts of must have and effective tattoo aftercare treatments such as goos, cream and tablets. Here on our site we offer various different tattoo goo products and sprays such as the X-pression Spray. For most of these well proven and tested aftercare products, you will have the option whether to buy separately or in multi packs to stock up to take care of your customers. As well as our well known Goo products we also offer our own Barber DTS piercing rinses and the ever trusty Bepanthen. Be sure to check out all of our aftercare products for both tattoos and piercings.