Black Widow

Black Widow are a popular brand name amongst tattoo professionals. Their fantastic range of stainless steel tips are used worldwide and are renowned for their reliable and consistent capabilities. Manufactured from stainless steel the tips are very strong and designed to last for a long time. They can be easily cleaned and sterilised and are suitable for use in autoclaves. A range of both closed and open tips are available depending on how much of the needle and ink you want to see. They also come in a variety of different designs and sizes making sure that there is something suitable for every artist and style of tattooing.

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  1. Black Widow Open Shovel Magnum Tattoo Tip
    These Open Shovel tattoo tips used fo...

    From 33,00 kr

  2. Pen Point Round 07-09
    Barber DTS are thrilled to present 07...
    47,00 kr
  3. Pen Point Diamond 07-09
    Black Widow has now introduced t prem...
    47,00 kr
  4. Pen Point Round 10-14
    Barber DTS are delighted to present 0...
    47,00 kr
  5. Black Widow Mag 09
    Black Widow 09 magnum tips are superb...
    68,00 kr
  6. Pen Point Diamond 03-05
    Black Widow proudly presents its bran...
    47,00 kr
  7. Black Widow Mag 13
    Barber DTS are pleased to present 13 ...
    68,00 kr
  8. Pen Point Diamond 01-03
    Barber DTS are delighted to present B...
    47,00 kr
  9. Black Widow Mag 15
    Barber DTS are thrilled to present 15...
    68,00 kr
  10. Pen Point Diamond 05-08
    The diamond 5-8 tip Black Widow is a ...
    61,00 kr
  11. Black Widow Mag 05
    Black Widow 05 magnum tips are fantas...
    33,00 kr
  12. 9 Magnum Closed Tip
    Black Widow Gold 9 magnum tips are a ...
    65,00 kr

Items 1 to 12 of 22 Total

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