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TATSoul’s range of practical tattoo furniture combines useful features with bespoke materials, allowing them to fulfil the unique furniture needs of any professional tattoo studio. The furniture range has been designed to provide ergonomic support to allow comfort during extended sessions in almost any position.

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  1. TATsoul 370-S Tattoo Client Chair
    See below for video demonstration  T...
    7.200,00 kr
  2. Mako Studio Chair from TATSoul
    The TATSoul Mako Studio Chair is the ...
    3.150,00 kr
  3. 570 TATsoul Client Chair
    The 570 Client Chair by TATSoul exist...
    8.100,00 kr
  4. Tatsoul Forte Workstation
    This is a fantastic option when it co...

    From 126,00 kr

  5. TATSoul 300 Slim Tattoo Client Chair (Black)
    The TATSoul Slim 300 Client Chair pro...
    6.532,99 kr
    Out of stock
  6. TATSoul 680 Oros Tattoo Client Chair - Ox Blood
    Barber DTS bring you the latest from ...
    11.209,59 kr
  7. TatSoul Hydraulic Pro Lite II
    This hydraulic chair is a specificall...
    6.165,00 kr
  8. TATSoul 680 Oros Tattoo Client Chair - Black
    Barber DTS bring you the latest from ...
    10.834,99 kr
  9. TatSoul X-Mini Portable Table
    The TatSoul X-Mini is a light, portab...
    4.500,00 kr
  10. Mako Lite Artist Chair by TATSoul
    Features: • Backrest cradles the back...
    2.250,00 kr
  11. TATSoul 270 Artist Chair - Tobacco
    The TATSoul 270 Artist Chair is the p...
    3.150,00 kr
  12. TATSoul Pylon Arm Rest
    TATSoul Pylon Armrest features a robu...
    2.410,00 kr

Items 1 to 12 of 36 Total

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