Colour Sets

Eternal Ink provide many different colour ink sets so that you can try them all or just part of a tattoo ink range. Eternal's standard colour range consists of 50 unique colours and are available in 1oz, 2oz & 4oz bottles. All our inks are sterilised to the highest quality so that they are ready to rock straight from the bottle. High quality pigment, non-toxic organic ink. Eternal Ink have now become one of the most popular tattoo inks in the tattooing world with huge range of over 100 vibrant colours available in a variety of sizes to suit you best. These inks come in particularly bright colours, perfect for arty designs.

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  1. Eternal Ink Neutral Gray Set - 1oz (30ml)
    Introducing an essential addition to ...
    343,99 kr
  2. Eternal Top 25 Colour Set - 1oz
    The top 25 colour set provided by ete...
    2.069,49 kr
  3. Eternal Primary Colour Sample Set
    This is an attractive and reliable se...

    From 1.030,99 kr

  4. Travel Set - Eternal Ink
    Anyone who travels, or just particula...
    1.251,49 kr
  5. Eternal Ink Myke Chambers - 12 Colour Set
    Eternal Ink Myke Chambers 12 Colour...
    1.101,99 kr
  6. Eternal Ink 1oz/30ml Gold Set 60 Colours
    Complete Gold Set of 60 1oz/30ml Eter...
    4.963,99 kr
  7. Eternal Ink 1/2oz Gold Set 60 Colours
    Complete Gold Set of 60 x 1/2oz / 15m...
    2.663,49 kr
  8. Eternal Ink Motor City Set 12 Colours 1oz/30ml
    Eternal Inks New Set inspired by vint...
    1.030,99 kr
  9. Muted Earth Tone Kit
    The Eternal Inks Muted Earth Tone kit...
    1.030,99 kr
  10. Eternal 2oz/60ml Jess Yen 22 Colour Set
    Jess Yen’s tattoo art blends elements...
    3.525,99 kr
  11. Seasonal Spectrum 1oz - Set
    The Seasonal Spectrum set is the newe...
    1.030,99 kr
  12. Portrait Colour Kit 1oz
    This set of 12 different shades allow...
    1.030,99 kr

Items 1 to 12 of 22 Total

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