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  1. Critical CXP19 Wireless Footswitch (Black/Rosegold)
    The Critical CXP19 is a wireless foot...
    746,99 kr Incl. Tax: 933,74 kr
  2. Critical Footless Switch
    The Critical Footless Switch is compa...
    Out of stock
    Out of stock
  3. Critical Wired Foot Switch (8ft wire)
    The Critical Wired Foot Switch is har...
    544,99 kr Incl. Tax: 681,24 kr
  4. Critical Atom Footswitch
    The Atom FS is designed to seamlessly...
    484,99 kr Incl. Tax: 606,24 kr
  5. TATSoul GEN2 Footswitch - Pink
    This is an ideal option for a wide va...
    432,00 kr Incl. Tax: 540,00 kr
  6. Critical Foot Pedal (Wire Not Included)
    The popular Critical foot pedal is al...
    410,00 kr Incl. Tax: 512,50 kr
  7. 360º GEM Heavy Duty Round Metal Foot Pedal
    The shiny silver tone base makes this...
    162,00 kr Incl. Tax: 202,50 kr
  8. Cheyenne Footswitch
    Replacement Cheyenne Footswitch for u...
    383,00 kr Incl. Tax: 478,75 kr
  9. Footswitch (Non-Latching) - Standard
    Light pressure black standard tattoo ...
    76,00 kr Incl. Tax: 95,00 kr
  10. TATSoul Platform Footswitch
    TATSoul introduces the TATSoul Platfo...

    From 324,00 kr Incl. Tax: 405,00 kr

  11. Eikon Footswitch - Treadlite with 1/4" Jack
    The Treadlite is a small size, tradit...

    From 216,00 kr Incl. Tax: 270,00 kr

  12. PinUp Professional Flat Footswitch (Non-Latching)
    The latest professional Flat Footswit...
    126,00 kr Incl. Tax: 157,50 kr
  13. TATSoul Platform Footswitch - Black
    TATSoul introduces the TATSoul Platfo...
    324,00 kr Incl. Tax: 405,00 kr
  14. Barber DTS Footless Footswitch (Handswitch)
    If you are an artist who currently us...
    99,00 kr Incl. Tax: 123,75 kr
  15. Eikon Footswitch - Gem with 1/4" Jack
    The Gem is the most popular footswitc...

    From 405,00 kr Incl. Tax: 506,25 kr

  16. Powerline Footswitch (Latching) - Heavy Duty Steel
    Made in England, this has a heavy dut...
    261,99 kr Incl. Tax: 327,49 kr
  17. TATSoul Convention Spool Foot Switch
    The TATSoul Spool Foot Switch fuses t...
    261,00 kr Incl. Tax: 326,25 kr
  18. PinUp Standard Round Footswitch (Non-Latching) - Heavy Duty Steel
    A heavy duty Gem style round footswit...
    Out of stock
    Out of stock
  19. Powerline Hybrid Latched Jack Plug
    Replace your footswitch with this Hyb...

    From 103,00 kr Incl. Tax: 128,75 kr

  20. TatSoul GEN2 Footswitch - Antique
    This is a particularly attractive and...
    432,00 kr Incl. Tax: 540,00 kr
  21. Powerline Footswitch (Non-Latching) - Heavy Duty Steel
    Made in England, this has a heavy dut...
    Out of stock
    Out of stock
  22. Footswitch-Latching 1.9m Jack plug
    The latching foot switch by Moment is...
    108,00 kr Incl. Tax: 135,00 kr
  23. TATSoul Footless Footswitch
    If the footswitch isn’t for you then ...
    180,00 kr Incl. Tax: 225,00 kr
  24. TatSoul GEN2 Footswitch - Black
    This is an ideal option for a wide va...
    Out of stock
    Out of stock

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Check out our extensive range of footswitches for powering your machines. We have some fantastic designs that are available in different sizes and prices from leading manufacturers like Incredible, TatSoul, Eikon, Moment and Magic Moon. They all range from various different prices that are based on the quality of the machine and the quality that they produce. Whatever style you are suited to we are sure to have it here at Barber from latching and non-latching to wireless and wired this is what you will need to produce great work.