Having the correct lighting is crucial when tattooing or piercing to ensure that you can see what you are doing properly. Barber DTS supply a fantastic selection of lighting devices to choose from so that you can pick something to meet your needs and expectations. We have everything from lamps that attach to work surfaces, to floor stands and head lamps. Also available are light boxes for accurate tracing and sketching. Some of our lighting devices have built in magnifying glasses allowing you to magnify areas that need more attention when working. Great for making sure that fine detailing in tattoos is completed to the highest of standards. Available in our lighting range is the Deluxe Practitioner Lamp, Ultra-Thin Light Box, Floor Stand and Head Torch.

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  1. Gemini LED Floor Lamp
    Another addition to our Daylight Comp...
    11.869,99 kr
  2. MAG Lamp S
    The MAG Lamp S is a modern and attrac...
    599,99 kr
  3. PinUp Ultra Thin Light Box - A3
    Ultra Thin Light Box which will fit a...
    825,00 kr
  4. Duo Lamp - Table
    This slim, flexible table lamp has a ...
    449,99 kr
  5. Smart Travel Lamp
    This modern, portable and multi-purpo...
    339,99 kr
  6. UK Adapter Plug for lightbox
    UK Adapter Plug for lightbox
    93,00 kr

6 Items

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