Sabre Disposable Cartridge Grips

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  1. Sabre Trident Disposable Cartridge Grip Pack of 15
    Sabre Trident Disposable Cartridge Gr...
    153,00 kr Incl. Tax: 191,25 kr
  2. Sabre Cartridge Tube Plungers Mixed Pack of 4
    Sabre Cartridge Tube Plungers Mixed P...
    40,99 kr Incl. Tax: 51,24 kr
  3. Sabre Atom Cartridge Tubes
    Sabre Atom Disposable Cartridge Grip ...
    162,00 kr Incl. Tax: 202,50 kr

3 Items

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Fresh in at Barber are the new Sabre range of disposable grips. Designed in the UK these ergonomic grips are available in two different styles - Trident and Atom both of which are specifically for cartridge needles offering the ultimate level of comfort when working for extended periods.