Fresh in at Barber are the new Sabre range of disposable grips. Designed in the UK these ergonomic grips are available in two different styles - Trident and Atom both of which are specifically for cartridge needles offering the ultimate level of comfort when working for extended periods.

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  1. Sabre Cartridge Tube Plungers Mixed Pack of 4
    Sabre Cartridge Tube Plungers Mixed P...
    29,99 kr
  2. Sabre Trident Disposable Cartridge Grip Pack of 15
    Sabre Trident Disposable Cartridge Gr...
    153,00 kr
  3. Sabre Atom Cartridge Tubes
    Sabre Atom Disposable Cartridge Grip ...
    162,00 kr

3 Items

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