About us

Barber DTS is a company with a long and proud tradition dating back over 115 years.

In 1900, George Burchett Davis opened his first tattoo studio in East London and tattooed prominent clients such as “Sailor King” George V, King Alfonso VIII of Spain, King Frederick IX of Denmark and Horace Ridler, also known as “The Great Omi” or “The Zebra Man”.

The younger brother of one of the world’s first tattoo pioneers, the legendary ‘Professor’ George Burchett Davis, founded the first tattoo distribution company in the 1930s. Charles Davis provided tattoo equipment to tattooists throughout Great Britain under the name Davis Tattooing Supplies (DTS). This saved tattoo artists time, as they no longer had to produce their own materials and could therefore concentrate better on their art.

After his death in 1958, his sons, Charles and Fred, successfully continued the business. In 1983, Eric Davis, Charles Davis’ son, took over the company with his wife Patricia and, with his knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, was able to expand it further under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982. Davis Tattooing Supplies already had an extensive range of over 2000 tattoo and piercing products at this time - including piercing needles supplied by Barber of Sheffield.

In 2006 Davis Tattooing Supplies was eventually bought by Barber of Sheffield and given the new name Barber DTS, which is still well known today.

Since then, a lot has happened both in the tattoo industry and at Barber DTS. The tattoo market has been revolutionised and the company has grown steadily to offer more than 15,000 products.

As the Barber DTS team knows its customers, the tattoo artists and piercers, extremely well, we know that working materials have to be delivered reliably and quickly. For this reason, we have just recently opened a logistics centre in Germany to be able to supply mainland Europe even faster and more efficiently.

And because we also know that tattoo artists want to hold their products in their hands before they buy them, we are on site at tattoo conventions with our own trade booth, where we personally advise our customers and where they can test the products as they please.

But that’s not all! We also opened our first physical shop in Nantes (FR), which is very popular with our French customers. This was quickly followed by further outlets in Amsterdam and Berlin, with the possibility of more bases expanding throughout Europe soon!

We thank our customers for their trust and promise to always do our best to support and keep the tattoo industry moving forward!

The Barber DTS Team