Eikon Hydra

Eikon Hydra Tattoo Needles

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Eikon Hydra tattoo needles are developed to suit any tattooing task making them one of our most popular needles amongst professionals. Available in a range of designs including standard needles, textured needles and BugPins, all of which come in various configurations to meet your needs and expectations. Standard needles are great for line work and colour packing, textured needles allow for maximum ink adhesion and BugPins are typically used for more delicate work thanks to their extra-long taper. To ensure maximum health and safety Eikon needles are sterilised using EO Gas and individually blister packed to prevent contamination. An internal sterilisation indicator can be located on each blister pack for further precautionary measures. Made to the highest of standards Eikon Hydra Tattoo needles will not let you down.