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Looking for something that will help your studio to stand out a little bit more? When it comes to finding the sort of furnishings that will help decorate your studio in a manner that attracts the attention of potential clients as well as impress existing clients. There are a number of options available, though this particular selection of products provides you with display items for your studio. Display items include the Pound of Flesh product range, which give you a unique and attractive way of displaying tattoos on synthetic limbs to give your clients a better idea of what a finished tattoo will look like, as well as displayers for organising, protecting and displaying your flash. Of course if you are looking for a flash display there are a number of different solutions available, including countertop displays, classic file displays, floor displays and wall displays; most of which are available in various sizes and styles to ensure that you find something that suits your individual requirements and preferences.

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  1. Flip Files-A3, 20 double-sided
    A3 flip files by Barber DTS are a mus...
  2. Classic Wall Displayer 25 Double View Panels - 100 to view
    The A3 wall displayer by Barber DTS i...
  3. A3 Wall Displayer
    The A3 wall displayer by Barber DTS i...
  4. Classic Countertop Displayer
    Barber DTS are delighted to present t...
  5. Classic Wall Displayer 50 Double View Panels - 200 to view
    The A3 wall displayer by Barber DTS i...
  6. Classic Centre Floor Displayer 200 Double View Panels - 800 to view
    Barber DTS are delighted to present t...
  7. Classic Displayer Mobile 25 Triple View Panels - 150 to view
    The classic mobile flash art displaye...
  8. Classic Centre Floor Displayer 100 Triple View Panels - 600 to view
    Barber DTS are thrilled to present th...
    Out of stock
  9. Skull Model
    This Skull Model which has been made ...
    Out of stock

9 Items

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