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Eternal Zombie Ink - Gangrene

Eternal Gangrene is the perfect sickly green shade of fungus eaten flesh, which would be hard to find outside the rather unique eternal inks zombie range. There are a wide selection of colours within this range including more specific shades like this, and more general dead, dying and undead skin tones and blood shades; providing you with everything you could need for the perfect zombie theme tattoo. To ensure you confidence as an artist we ensure that all of these inks are high quality and long lasting, using a selection of natural ingredients to also ensure the inks are non-toxic and completely organic. We never freeze our inks and sterilize all of our inks before distribution, so you can be completely certain of the freshness and cleanliness of all the ink you order from us.

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Eternal Zombie Ink - Gangrene - 1oz (30ml)
Zombie theme tattoos are growing in popularity and finding the right colours to emphasise your undead artwork can be rather difficult, which is where the rather unique eternal inks zombie range can be of particular use to you. The collection includes a wide variety of dead, undead and dying colours, including some more specific shades like this gangrene option, which provides the perfect hue of flesh eating fungus. The colour is high quality, so as to ensure as little fading over time as possible, as well as easy blending with a selection of other shades you may choose to include in a tattoo design. This ink, like all other eternal inks, is a non-toxic, organic option to include in your tattoo designs which helps to reduce the likelihood that the ink will cause a reaction on the skin, even for some of your customers who might have sensitive skin. To further reduce the chances that your customers will suffer a reaction as a result of the ink we sterilize all of our inks using gamma radiation, which eliminates any bacteria in the ink that might have otherwise caused an allergic reaction or even an infection. We also never freeze our inks, so you can be completely confident in the freshness as well as cleanliness of all the inks you order from us.

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