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The CNC branded tattoo needle is the premium of needle liner. We are proud to showcase an applicator of real quality and hardness due to the stainless steel exterior that reduces those awkward flexes and blunting. The traditional Round Liner needle reduces trauma to the skin, as the engraving glides and polishes. The CNC needle arrives already sterilised by E. O Gas and are soldered to the bar, delivered via blister pack. The approved produce we have is wide under the credentials of sizes 12, Double Zero and Bugpins. The first offers either the dimensional Medium or Long Taper, all of which are premium in material and quality of service. The Double Zero or 00’s collection can apply to numerous Solid Colourings, along with Soft Shading or Blending. The Double Zero specialises in the Round Liner or Shader and Magnum Shader, and the Soft Edge Magnum. The soft Bugpins are rounded and curved and made using the 0.25mm needle Gauge wire.