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  1. Bishop x Critical Battery Packs
    Battery packs to be used with the Bis...

    From €289.99 Incl. Tax: €356.69

  2. FK Irons Spektra Airbolt
    The FK Irons Airbolt is a small batte...

    From €311.49 Incl. Tax: €383.13

  3. FK Irons Spektra Airbolt Mini
    The FK Irons Airbolt Mini is a small,...

    From €268.99 Incl. Tax: €330.86

  4. V3 Critical Connect Battery
    IN STOCK SOON! Critical Tattoo is le...
    €309.99 Incl. Tax: €381.29
  5. Bishop B-Charged Wireless Power Supply - V2
    The Bishop B-Charged is a wireless po...
    €249.99 Incl. Tax: €307.49
  6. Cheyenne PU2 (2023)
    The Cheyenne PU2 has always been a fa...
    €199.00 Incl. Tax: €244.77
  7. FK Irons PowerBolt+ Tattoo Battery
    The FK Irons PowerBolt+ is a wireless...
    €227.95 Incl. Tax: €280.38
  8. Critical AtomX-R Power Supply (Rosegold/Black)
    The Critical AtomX-R offers all the f...
    €319.99 Incl. Tax: €393.59
  9. Jet Black - Clip Cord Sleeves - 55x600mm - 200 Pack
    Jet Black Clip Cord Sleeves are made ...
    €8.99 Incl. Tax: €11.06
  10. EZ Portex Gen2 Mini Battery Pack
    Want to tattoo wirelessly? Then the E...

    From €70.99 Incl. Tax: €87.32

  11. Critical ATOM® Power Supply - Black
    The all new Atom Power Supply from Cr...
    €199.99 Incl. Tax: €245.99
  12. Critical XRR Power Supply
    The Critical XRR features all the sam...
    €377.99 Incl. Tax: €464.93
  13. Silver - Critical ATOM X Power Supply
    The all new AtomX Power Supply from C...
    Out of stock
    Out of stock
  14. FK Irons Spektra Lightning Bolt UNI Power Supply - TWIN Pack
    The FK Irons Spektra Lightning Bolt U...
    €374.49 Incl. Tax: €460.62
  15. Critical Universal Battery Pack Bundle
    Get up to 10 hours of working time fr...
    Out of stock
    Out of stock
  16. Powerline Clipcord Sleeves - 50mm x 600mm - Box of 250
    Keep tattoo ink and clients blood off...
    €13.99 Incl. Tax: €17.21
  17. Critical Connect Footswitch
    The Critical Connect Footswitch makes...
    €114.99 Incl. Tax: €141.44
  18. Critical Connect Universal Shorty Battery Bundle
    Thanks to Critical Core technology, t...
    Out of stock
    Out of stock
  19. Critical Connect Universal Battery Bundle
    Thanks to Critical Core technology, t...
    Out of stock
    Out of stock
  20. Critical Connect Universal Mix & Match Battery Bundle
    Thanks to Critical Core technology, t...
    Out of stock
    Out of stock
  21. Critical XR Power Supply
    The new Critical XR Power Supply feat...
    Out of stock
    Out of stock
  22. TATSoul Convention Power Supply
    The TATSoul Travel Power Supply fuses...
    €99.99 Incl. Tax: €122.99
  23. Critical AtomX-R Power Supply (Black/Black)
    The Critical AtomX-R offers all the f...
    Out of stock
    Out of stock
  24. TATSoul Heavy Duty Clip Cord
    This is certainly a clip cord connect...
    €45.99 Incl. Tax: €56.57

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Buy Reliable Tattoo Power Supplies and Batteries at Barber DTS

As a professional tattoo artist, you know that a reliable power supply is essential to ensure consistent performance and precision in your artwork. At Barber DTS, we understand your needs and offer a wide selection of top-quality tattoo power supplies and batteries that you can rely on for optimal tattooing results.

The Biggest Tattoo Power Supply and Battery Brands

Barber DTS carries only the most reputable brands in the industry, including Critical Tattoo, Bishop Rotary, Cheyenne, FK Irons and many more. We have carefully curated our range to offer power supplies and batteries trusted by artists worldwide. With these brands, you can rely on having the absolute pioneers of the tattoo industry in your hands when it comes to quality, durability and reliability.

Critical Tattoo has completely revolutionised the tattoo battery industry with the Critical Connect series. The constantly evolving tattoo battery series not only effortlessly lasts through a tattoo session, but also hits the mark with its design, centre of gravity and compatibility. The batteries are in no way inferior to traditional power sources (in which Critical is also one of the undisputed industry leaders) and provide reliable power until the battery level reaches its minimum, so you don't have to worry about a drop in performance.

Enjoy Unrestricted Freedom for Any Machine with Tattoo Batteries

Once you've enjoyed the convenience of a cable-free tattoo machine, you won't want to switch back to the wired version. Because with a tattoo battery, you can not only enjoy complete freedom of movement, but also operate your machine directly on the device. This not only eliminates the cable, but also the control unit, and you have even more space on your workstation to live out your artistic freedom (in the truest sense of the word).

Our range of tattoo batteries includes high-quality, long-lasting options that ensure you have constant power when you need it the most. Designed to withstand the demands of tattooing, our batteries provide consistent performance, allowing you to focus on your artwork without worrying about power loss.

Thanks to the quick-charge function, the batteries are recharged faster than the next battery can run out. This means that virtually endless tattooing is possible, at least from a technical point of view. 

Precise Control and Customization

Precision and control are paramount in tattoing. That's why our range of tattoo power supplies and batteries offers advanced features and intuitive controls to enhance your tattooing experience. Whether you prefer a traditional power supply or a digital one, wired or wireless we have options that allow you to fine-tune voltage, adjust settings, and customize your power supply to match your preferred tattooing technique. Discover advanced power supplies with LCD screens, touch interfaces, and footswitch compatibility to take your artistry to the next level.

Tattoo Footswitches Make Life Easier

With the footswitches available from us, you can conveniently control your machine with the tap of your foot. You can choose between momentary and continuous mode and work according to your preferences. Footswitches are available both wirelessly with modern connection methods to your power device and in the conventional wired version.

If It's Cable, Then It Should Be the Right One

Of course, you need the right cables to connect your wired power devices. We have a selection of particularly high-quality RCA and clip cord cables that are not only reliable but also perfectly matched to tattoo machines.

Take Cover

Tattooing is all about hygiene. To be on the safe side, you should pack your cable. With our selection of RCA & Clipcord Covers, you have the choice between conventional and eco-friendly options. And don't forget, if you have a pen-style machine, a cable sleeve can be fitted over your entire machine if the dimensions are correct.

Our Team is There to Assist and Support

We understand that selecting the right tattoo power supply and battery can be overwhelming. That's why our team at Barber DTS is always ready to answer all your questions when it comes to power supplies and tattoo batteries. Whether you have questions about compatibility, need recommendations for specific tattooing styles, or require technical support, our experts are here to help. Just drop us a message or give us a call and we will support you in finding just the right product for your needs.