Rotary Tattoo Machines

Barber DTS offer some of the latest and best rotary tattoo machines available on the market from popular brands including Stigma, Dragonfly and Swashdrive. The advance of rotary tattoo machines has been incredible in recent years, with many top tattooists moving from a traditional coiled machine to a quieter, lightweight rotary machine.

Rotary tattoo machines use an electric motor to drive the needle up and down, unlike the coiled machine which uses magnetism. A rotary machine can be nearly half the weight of a coil machine, making them much easier to handle for many professional tattoo artists. As well as this, a rotary tattoo machine does not have any springs or armature bars that vibrate against each other – this means the machine can operate in near silence.

Read more about further differences between the rotary and coil machine or start choosing from some of the top rated rotary machines in the industry by selecting a brand below.

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