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  1. PinUp Tattoo Practice Skin
    Pin-Up high quality thick tattoo prac...
  2. Plain Tattoo Practice Skin with Strap
    Plain tattoo practice skin with strap.
  3. A Pound of Flesh - Hand & Lower Arm
    This is a great product from tattoo a...

    From €148.29

  4. Ink-It - Single
    Ink It skin is a form of prosthetic s...
    Out of stock
  5. Ink-It - Pack of 3
    Ink It skin is a form of prosthetic s...
    Out of stock
  6. A Plank of Flesh
    9 x 11 Tattooable silicone shaped int...
  7. A Pound of Flesh - Hand
    A Pound of Flesh is the next best thi...

    From €57.89

  8. A Pound of Flesh Tattooable Skull
    A Pound of Flesh Skull is a tattooabl...
  9. A Pound of Flesh - Right Hand
    The most natural and realistic fake s...

9 Items

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A variety of practice skins are available at Barber DTS for practicing methods of tattooing. They are the ideal tattoo accessory for those who are starting out new in the tattoo trade or for those looking to further their skills. We have tattoo practice skin from various brand names including A Pound Of Flesh, Reelskin, Ink It and much more. Our practice skins come in various different designs including those that look like real body parts. This makes the tattooing process much more realistic for the person practicing. The products also have a number of properties similar to real skin such as stretching and the ability to hold a transfer stencil.