Tattoo Ink

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Discover the Finest Tattoo Inks at Barber DTS

If you're looking to buy high-quality tattoo inks, you've come to the right place. Barber DTS is your go-to supplier for a wide range of tattoo colours from trusted brands in the industry. For us, achieving vibrant and long-lasting tattoo inks is essential for any artist, and that's why we offer a wide selection of premium tattoo inks to meet your specific needs and artistic vision. 

Professional-grade Tattoo Inks

Our professional tattoo inks are formulated to the highest standards. They are designed to deliver rich, saturated colours that will stand the test of time. Whether you're creating bold, vibrant designs or subtle, detailed pieces, our tattoo inks offer the vibrancy and consistency you desire. Our extensive collection ensures you'll find the perfect shades to bring your artistic vision to life.

At Barber DTS, you will find the most popular brands in the industry and the latest trends when it comes to tattoo inks. Our partner brand Eternal Ink is represented as well as World Famous, Intenze, Fusion Ink, Solid Ink, Kuro Sumi, Dynamic Ink, Nocturnal, Panthera and many more.

Safe and Reliable Inks

We place great importance on the safety and well-being of artists and customers. That's why we source all of our tattoo inks from reputable brands that adhere to strict safety and comprehensive quality controls that often exceed legal regulatory standards. The inks offered are sterilised by the manufacturer, sent to you sealed and ready to use. This eliminates the risk of contaminated inks and minimises unwanted reactions. You can rest assured that our tattoo inks are reliable and safe to use, giving you and your clients peace of mind.

Large Selection of Colours

We know that a wide range of colours is crucial to expressing your creativity. That's why we offer an extensive selection of tattoo ink colours that covers all aspects of the spectrum. From classic black and grey colours, white tattoo inks to a wide range of vibrant hues, our selection allows you to create stunning and unique tattoo designs. Experiment, mix and match our colours to find the perfect palette for your artwork. 

Black & Grey Tattoo Ink

For artists specializing in black and grey tattooing, we offer a range of top-quality black and grey tattoo inks. These inks are specifically formulated to create smooth shading and gradients, allowing you to achieve stunning monochromatic designs. Our selection of black and grey inks have the right consistency for every tattoo work, enabling you to create depth and dimension in your artwork as well as filling blackout areas with ease. With our black and grey inks, you can achieve breathtaking realism and intricate details in your tattoos.

White Tattoo Ink

White tattoo ink is an essential element for adding highlights and creating contrast in your designs. At Barber DTS, we offer high-quality white tattoo inks that ensure exceptional visibility and brightness. Our white inks are heavily pigmented to deliver intense opacity, allowing you to create eye-catching details, highlights, and unique effects. Whether you're using white ink for intricate linework or to enhance other colours, our premium white tattoo inks will help you achieve the desired impact.

Tattoo Ink Sets

As the choice of tattoo colours can sometimes be overwhelming, the brands we offer have put together colour sets and black & grey tattoo ink sets. With these sets, you can be sure that the selected colours will harmonise with each other and create a balanced overall look. There are sets that simply offer a basic range of colours, advanced sets with finer gradations and sets that recreate certain styles and themes. One of the most popular are signature artist sets, which are composed by established tattoo artists and sometimes even contain specially created colours that are adapted to the artist's style and colour theme. Colour sets are a perfect start into the world of tattoo colours and always a good starting point to expand and develop your artistic style.

Here you can find all Eternal Ink Colour Sets.

Vegan Tattoo Ink

We know how important it is that a product as sensitive as tattoo inks should be vegan for you and your customers. Most of the brands we stock have removed animal testing and animal products from their range. In order for you to be sure that you are using 100% vegan and safe tattoo ink, we have created a separate category for this purpose. The vegan inks in are produced without animal by-products and without animal testing and therefore comply with vegan principles in all respects. You can rest assured, as with all the products we offer, that our vegan tattoo inks meet the highest quality standards, providing vibrant colours and excellent performance without compromising your ethical preferences.

Compatibility and Versatility

Our tattoo inks are designed to work seamlessly with different tattooing techniques and styles. Whether you prefer lining, contouring, shading or colour packing, our inks offer excellent performance across multiple applications. They are designed to flow smoothly and evenly, ensuring optimal precision and ease of use. With our versatile inks, you can achieve the effects you want and create stunning, impressive tattoos.

Pigment Retention and Longevity

We know that the longevity of tattoos is of paramount importance to both artists and clients. That's why our tattoo inks are formulated to offer exceptional pigment retention. The high-quality ingredients in our inks help to maintain the vibrancy and clarity of your tattoos over time. With the right aftercare, your customer’s tattoo will look vibrant and sharp for years to come.


At Barber DTS, we are committed to providing tattoo artists with the best tattoo inks available. Explore our extensive range of inks from reputable brands and find the colours that will take your tattooing to the next level. With our premium inks, you can create stunning and long-lasting tattoos that will leave a lasting impression.