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  1. Disposable Poli Clamps
    Disposable piercing clamps available ...

    From €0.69

  2. Piercing Cannulas
    Piercing Cannulas comes in three diff...

    From €39.80

  3. Disposable Foerster Forcep
    This is a popular selection of forcep...
  4. Scissors
    These surgical style scissors are ava...

    From €7.65

  5. Septum Clamp
    The septum clamp in an excellent tool...
  6. Foerester

    From €10.61

  7. Mayo Needle Holder
    Barber DTS are pleased to present to ...
  8. Penington
    These Penington clamps are favoured b...

    From €10.75

  9. Rampleys Clamp
    These surgical style clamps are ideal...

    From €12.99

  10. Ring Openers
    These ring opening pliers are ideal f...

    From €17.29

  11. Ring Closures
    These ring closure pliers are ideal f...

    From €17.29

  12. Duval Forceps
    These Duval forceps are ideal for use...

    From €12.15

  13. Micro Dermal Anchor Stem Posts x 10
    SOLD IN PACKS OF 10 High quality jew...
  14. Stretching Tapers
    Many clients who attempt to stretch t...

    From €8.85

  15. Large Jewellery Forceps Needleholders
    Large jewellery needle holder forceps...
  16. Dermal Anchor Pliers
    These dermal anchor pliers are perfec...

    From €14.99

  17. Needle Holder
    Barber DTS are pleased to present the...
  18. Tweezer Clamp
    Barber DTS are pleased to present to ...
  19. Ring Openers-Large
    Used to open up rings Available in l...
  20. Ring Openers-Small
    Ring Openers-Small
  21. Stretching Tapers-Tapers 4mm
    Stretching Tapers-Tapers 4mm
  22. Stretching Tapers-Tapers 6mm
    Stretching Tapers-Tapers 6mm
  23. Stretching Tapers-Tapers 8mm
    Stretching Tapers-Tapers 8mm
  24. Stretching Tapers-Tapers 10mm
    Stretching Tapers-Tapers 10mm

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