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  1. Printer Roll for Excel Autoclave
    Our printer rolls/paper are compatibl...
  2. Enigma 8ltr Steriliser
    Enigma 8ltr Steriliser Please note t...
  3. Portable Prestige Medical with Printer – Visage
    *** Please note that you will be cont...

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  4. Prestige Medical Classic 2100/01
    The Prestige medical 2100/01 9Ltr aut...
  5. Sealing Gasket
    Sealing gaskets are supplied as spare...
  6. Water Distiller
    This water distiller unit is an ideal...
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Hygiene is an absolute must in a tattoo environment to prevent the spread of infection. Barber DTS supply a range of tattoo equipment that is hygiene specific including autoclaves. These come in a huge range of designs ensuring that there is something suitable for very tattoo studio. Vital for the effective sterilisation of equipment after each use to eliminate and remove germs and bacteria. Some autoclaves that we have available include the Prestige Medical Classic 2100/01, Enigma 8LTR Steriliser and Portable Prestige Medical. All autoclaves are made to the highest of standards ensuring that they are safe and reliable.