Intenze Ink Lining Colours

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Creating colour tattoos without black lining is now possible with the Colour Outline set by Intenze. Perfect for running lines into a tattoo before colouring without having to jeopardize the look of the tattoo. Sometimes a black outline can be too heavy or take away from how the tattoo should look. With Intenze colour lining ink this is no longer an issue with ten fantastic pigments to choose from. Easily absorbed into the skin the ink settles well and heals with a bright, crisp and long lasting finish. Outlining colour inks can be bought as a set or as individual colours depending on your needs, each one being a perfect addition your current inks collection. Pigment colours you can expect to find in the outlining set include Lining Yellow, Lining Red Light, Lining Red Dark, Lining Magenta, Lining Purple, Lining Blue Light, Lining Blue Dark, Lining Green, Lining Brown Light and Lining Brown Dark.