Looking for a good deal? All of our low cost and discounted products that have been dropped in price to clear stock can be found here. As new models and products come into stock we need to clear out some of our old stock, which means dropping the price and giving you access to some great new savings on the same fantastic products you’ve always loved. Clearance products offer limited stock and once they’re gone they might never be available again, certainly not at these low prices, so take advantage of the clearance products while you can.

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  1. Tombow Brushpens
    Add a set of these brilliant marker p...

    From 38,00 kr

  2. Powerline Tattoo Machine Springs
    Precision cut front and back springs ...

    From 13,99 kr

  3. Tongue Marker
    Using a tongue marker when pierce is ...
    11,00 kr
  4. Capacitors
    Barber DTS have a variety of tattoo m...
    4,00 kr
  5. Front Binding Post/Top Contact
    Top Contact Post for tattoo machines ...

    From 84,99 kr

  6. Spare Colet
    Spare Colet for Fabricated Tattoo Machines

    From 16,00 kr

  7. HM Invictus Micro Glide
    - Body machined from 7075 aviation gr...

    From 3 000,00 kr

  8. Incredibile Small Spring Set (10 Front 10 Back)
    740105Barber DTS are delighted to pre...
    113,00 kr
  9. Rear Binding Post/Back Contact
    Back Contact Post for tattoo machines...

    From 47,99 kr

  10. Black Widow Mag 05
    Black Widow 05 magnum tips are fantas...
    44,00 kr
  11. Eternal Armature Bar
    The armature bar by Eternal Tattoo Su...
    60,00 kr
  12. Eikon Conventional Armature Bar
    Eikon Conventional Armature Bars Conv...

    From 125,00 kr

Items 1 to 12 of 72 Total

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