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  1. Black Widow Wash Bottle Bags - 152x254mm
    Black Widow Wash Bottle Bags 152 x 254mm
    111,00 kr
  2. Eikon Wash Bottle Bags
    Conveniently cover your entire wash b...

    From 99,00 kr

  3. Spray Bottle Cover Bags
    Avoid cross contamination and keep yo...

    From 210,00 kr

  4. Spray Bottle Protection Bags
    Spray bottle protective bags by Barbe...
    253,00 kr

4 Items

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Bottle covers from Barber DTS are specifically design to ensure they fit over most bottles keeping them clean and sanitary. This allows you to still use equipment normally but will keep them clean by avoiding any contamination whilst in the plastic bag. This is an essential requirement for any tattoo studio.