New York Irons

The New York Irons tattoo machines come is various designs including the Black Cross Liner, Black Cross Shader, Diamond Cutback Liner, Diamond Shader, Kurlow Cutback Liner and Kurlow Tribal Colourer. Each machine has its own qualities designed to meet the needs of the artist enabling you to maximise your skills set for tattoos that look and feel great. The lining machines can all be used with any size tight needles and all Powerline Needles, whereas the shading machines can be used with most needle groupings. New York Irons machines are made to the highest of standards with some of the best materials available on the market. They are a strong, durable, long lasting and extremely reliable machine perfect for the professional artist.

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  1. New York Irons - Diamond Cutback Liner Tattoo Machine
    A New York Irons classic, the Diamond...
    Special Price 660,00 kr Was 1 200,00 kr
  2. New York Irons - Black Cross Shader V2 Tattoo Machine
    The V2 Black Cross Shader Tattoo Mach...
    Special Price 486,00 kr Was 1 080,00 kr
  3. New York Irons - Black Cross Liner V2 Tattoo Machine
    From New York Irons the new V2 B...
    1 080,00 kr
  4. New York Irons - Diamond Shader Tattoo Machine
    The Diamond Shader Tattoo Machine fro...
    Special Price 660,00 kr Was 1 200,00 kr
  5. New York Irons - Kurlow Tribal Colourer Tattoo Machine
    The Kurlow Tribal Colourer Tattoo Mac...
    Special Price 720,00 kr Was 1 440,00 kr
  6. New York Irons - Kurlow Cutback Liner Tattoo Machine
    From New York Irons the Kurlow Cutbac...
    Special Price 648,00 kr Was 1 440,00 kr
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6 Items

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