Rubber Bands

There is a great selection of tattooing spares here at Barber including rubber bands. These come in different sizes for different tattoo machines including coil and rotary machines. These high strength elastic bands are excellent for tightening your needles.

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  1. Black Widow Rubber Bands - Black 2.8cm
    Although a very small item, rubber ba...
    75,00 kr
  2. Eikon Rubber Bands
    Standard #12 rubber bands will put th...

    From 87,00 kr

  3. Rubber Bands Brown 100 pieces
    Barber DTS are pleased to provide bro...
    38,00 kr
  4. Eikon Symbeos Machine Rubber Bands
    Perfect size for the Symbeos Rotary s...

    From 114,00 kr

  5. Sunskin Rubber o-rings
    10 pcs. PACK
    44,00 kr
  6. Rubber Bands Brown Pack of 1250
    Brown Rubber Bands for Tattoo Machine...

    From 75,00 kr

6 Items

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