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Barber DTS have an extensive selection of both bottles and bottle caps for a variety of different uses. Our bottles come in many different sizes, however the best thing about them is you can buy a range of caps to fit so the bottles can be used for many different things. We have spray bottles for cleaning client’s skin, protective nozzles caps to ensure your inks are safe and there is no spillage, spigot caps for washing and even dispenser caps for soap and antibacterial gel. An often overlooked item but correctly storing liquids in the appropriate bottles will not only save you time when looking for things but also keep your workstation clean and tidy.

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  1. Premium Soft Squeeze Bottles
    Soft squeeze tattoo bottles avai...

    From 50,00 kr

  2. Plastic Squeeze Bottles
    These plastic squeeze bottles are ide...

    From 32,00 kr

  3. Economy Wash Bottles & Lids
    Available with 500ml or 1000ml capaci...

    From 10,00 kr

  4. Bottle Caps & Oilspouts
    Creating your own combination of diff...

    From 1,00 kr

  5. Trigger Spray Bottle Clear
    The clear trigger spray bottle by Bar...
    22,00 kr
  6. Plastic Squeeze Bottles
    If you need to use a product during t...

    From 3,00 kr

  7. Tattoo Squeeze Bottles
    Perfect for your tattoo shop. Availab...

    From 43,00 kr

7 Items

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