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  1. Economy Wash Bottles & Lids
    Available with 500ml or 1000ml capaci...

    From 10,00 kr

  2. Premium Soft Squeeze Bottles
    Soft squeeze tattoo bottles avai...

    From 50,00 kr

  3. Trigger Spray Bottle Clear 600ml
    The clear trigger spray bottle by Bar...
    22,00 kr
  4. Bottle Caps & Oilspouts
    Creating your own combination of diff...

    From 0,81 kr

  5. Plastic Squeeze Bottles
    These plastic squeeze bottles are ide...

    From 32,00 kr

  6. Black Widow Wash Bottle Bags - 152x254mm
    Black Widow Wash Bottle Bags 152 x 254mm
    111,00 kr
  7. Jet Black - Bottle Bags - 152x254mm (6x10”) - 200 Pack
    Jet Black Bottle Bags are made from h...
    154,99 kr
  8. Plastic Squeeze Bottles
    If you need to use a product during t...

    From 3,00 kr

  9. Eikon Wash Bottle Bags
    Conveniently cover your entire wash b...

    From 99,00 kr

  10. Tattoo Squeeze Bottles
    Perfect for your tattoo shop. Availab...

    From 50,00 kr

  11. Spray Bottle Cover Bags
    Avoid cross contamination and keep yo...

    From 210,00 kr

  12. Spray Bottle Protection Bags
    Spray bottle protective bags by Barbe...
    253,00 kr

12 Items

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We have a range of studio supplies available so that you can create the perfect design on paper or straight onto the skin. Whether you are looking for a stencil or pens for freehand work we have it. We also have a range of bottles and containers available at Barber to suit all of your needs. Whether you are using them for water, antiseptic or soap we have them. Available in a range of different sizes and designs.