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  1. Electrum Premium Tattoo Stencil Primer
    Keep your stencil locked onto the ski...

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  2. Electrum Gold Standard Tattoo Stencil Primer - 8oz (240ml)
    Electrum Gold Standard Tattoo Stencil...
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  3. NOX Violet Hectograph Ink - Freehand - 2oz/60ml
    Created in collaboration with the sup...
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High-Quality Tattoo Studio Supplies

Good tattoo studio supplies make life as a tattoo artist easier and safer. That's why at Barber DTS you'll find everything you need for day-to-day tattooing.

From excellent gloves to high-quality thermal printers and the corresponding stencil paper, you can shop everything you need in our selection of over 10,000 products.

Protect Yourself and Your Customers

Health and safety is top priority in tattoo studios and that’s why we supply an extensive range of high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE). We have grouped them for you into categories such as gloves, hygiene products, stencil products, and of course lubricants. You'll find brands like INKEEZE, Unigloves, the eco-friendly, almost exclusively black products from Jet Black Supplies and of course our reasonably priced house brands.

Environmentally Friendly Supplies

Products such as protective covers, sheets and trays that tattoo artists use every day have often been poorly degradable and bad for the environment in the past. Nowadays, everyday plastic waste can be reduced by using alternative plant-based studio materials! They offer the same benefits as their plastic counterparts but have much less impact on the environment.

Don't Forget Your Essentials

When running a tattoo studio, it's important to remember to have the essential consumables to not only protect yourself, but also keep your studio looking clean. At Barber DTS you will find all the products you need to run a tattoo studio in a clean, ecological, sustainable and above all safe way.