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Tat Tech pride themselves on manufacturing affordable, desirable and well-built tattoo furniture. Featuring a fantastic selection of tattoo armrests, tattoo workstations, artist chairs & stools and a premium tattoo client chair that’s sure to impress any tattoo artist and client with multi functioning hydraulics and omni directional 360° movement meaning you can get your client in most positions required for the tattoo about to take place.

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  1. Tat Tech - Portable Traystation
    La Stazione Tat Tech è abbastanza leg...
    63,99 €
  2. Tat Tech Duotone Artist Stool
    Rifinito in rosso e nero, questo sgab...
    110,99 €
  3. Tat Tech - Tripod Tattoo Arm Rest
    Robusto poggiabraccio portatile con b...
    42,99 €
  4. Tat Tech - Fully Customizable Armrest
    Regolabile in altezza, angolazione e ...
    154,99 €
  5. Tat Tech - Premium Client Chair
    This is a complete studio solution, a...
    675,00 €
  6. Tat Tech - Deluxe Tattoo Armrest
    Mettete il cliente a suo agio e lavor...
    120,99 €
  7. Tat Tech - Stainless Steel Workstation
    Un'aggiunta fantastica per il tuo stu...
    120,99 €

7 Prodotti

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