Needle Holders

Barber DTS supply piercing instruments for use in piercing studios. Needle holders are specifically designed to clamp or grasp piercing needles whilst carrying out a procedure, soldering your own needles or inserting jewellery. We have a variety of designs available including the Mayo needle holder typically used for guiding needles through the skin. It is however also popular for grasping them tight whilst soldering them together. Large jewellery forceps help to hold jewellery in place whilst applying them to the body and the needle holder allows for a firm grip of the needle whilst piercing. All of our products are made to the highest of standards to ensure that they are strong, durable and reliable.

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  1. Needleholders pinze grandi gioielli
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  2. Porta aghi Mayo
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  3. Titolare ago
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3 Prodotti

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