Ink Machines

We have a fantastic selection of power supplies available to power your tattoo machines. They are of the highest quality ensuring that your machine runs smoothly and efficiently at all times. The Powerpacks from Ink Machines are made with leading edge battery technology weighing only 65 grams designed not to interfere with the hand more than the machine normally does.

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  1. RPS-600 Wireless Power Pack solo
    PowerPack sono realizzati con tecnolo...
    160,00 €
  2. RPS-600 alimentazione Wireless (Inc 2 centraline)
    Include 2 power pack L'alimentazione...
    765,00 €
  3. RPS-600 alimentazione Wireless (Inc. 4 Power Pack)
    Include 4 power pack L'alimentazione...
    965,00 €

3 Prodotti

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