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  1. Plastic Waste Paper Bin - 15L

    Holds 15L

  2. Jet Black - Disposable Face Mask - Black - 50 Pack
    Jet Black Disposable Face Masks consi...
  3. Be Safe Nitrile Gloves
    Be Safe Blue Nitrile Gloves have been...

    From €12.49

  4. Barber DTS Grip Wrap 5cmx4.5m
    This Barber DTS Grip Wrap is designed...

    From €1.59

  5. Face Shield
    Provides full face protection from bo...
  6. Black Cobra Black Latex Gloves
    Black Latex Powder Free Examination G...

    From €13.95

  7. ECOTAT Sample Pack of Protective Covers
    ECOTAT products are manufactured with...
  8. ECOTAT 150mm x 250mm Wash Bottle Covers - 200 per pack
    ECOTAT wash bottle covers are manufac...
  9. ECOTAT Machine / Power Supply Covers 140mm x 140mm - 600 per pack
    ECOTAT machine and power supply cover...
  10. ECOTAT Cartridge Holder Trays (50 per pack)
    ECOTAT cartridge holder trays are man...
  11. ECOTAT Surface Protection Sheets
    ECOTAT surface protection sheets are ...

    From €17.50

  12. ECOTAT Clipcord Covers
    ECOTAT clipcord covers are manufactur...

    From €13.00

  13. ECOTAT Barrier Grip Sleeves
    ECOTAT barrier grip sleeves are manuf...

    From €8.00

  14. ECOTAT Biodegradable Rinse Cups
    ECOTAT biodegradable rinse cups are m...

    From €3.00

  15. Barber DTS Hoodie
    You asked, we listened. For a few yea...

    From €44.49

  16. Black Thermal Copier
    This Black Thermal Copier is created ...
  17. PinUp Tattoo Practice Skin
    Pin-Up high quality thick tattoo prac...
  18. Small Ink Cap Stand - Black
    Tattoo shop ink cap stand holds 4 sma...
  19. TATSoul Leg Apron
    Features: Waxed canvas repels ink an...
  20. Cova Tattoo Wiping Cloths
    Cova Tattoo Wiping Cloths are the fir...
  21. A Pound of Flesh - Hand & Lower Arm
    This is a great product from tattoo a...

    From €148.29

  22. Black Widow Wash Bottle Bags - 152x254mm
    Black Widow Wash Bottle Bags 152 x 254mm
  23. Viscot Mini Tattoo Skin Marker
    The Mini Tattoo Markers are filled wi...
  24. Wide Base Pigment Cups
    These are carefully designed ink cups...

    From €7.99

1 to 24 of 291

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Barber have a fantastic range of studio supplies available to make sure that you are properly equipped and look professional. Our extensive range of products include Anaesthetics, Antiseptics, Disinfectants, Lubricants, Art Supplies, Bottles, Containers, Consumables, Couches, Lamps, Dressing, Tapes, Flash Displayers, Gloves and much more. Everything every tattoo artist could need is all here at Barber, why go anywhere else?