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  1. Disposable Poli Clamps
    Disposable piercing clamps available ...

    From €0.69

  2. Piercing Cannulas
    Piercing Cannulas comes in three diff...

    From €37.80

  3. Disposable Biopsy Punch
    These disposable products help to red...

    From €4.09

  4. Scissors
    These surgical style scissors are ava...

    From €7.15

  5. Disposable Foerster Forcep
    This is a popular selection of forcep...
  6. Septum Clamp
    The septum clamp in an excellent tool...
  7. Foerester

    From €10.11

  8. Penington
    These Penington clamps are favoured b...

    From €10.25

  9. Dermal Anchor Pliers
    These dermal anchor pliers are perfec...

    From €14.99

  10. Micro Dermal Anchor Stem Posts x 10
    SOLD IN PACKS OF 10 High quality jew...
  11. Ring Closures
    These ring closure pliers are ideal f...

    From €16.79

  12. Ring Openers
    These ring opening pliers are ideal f...

    From €16.79

  13. Mayo Needle Holder
    Barber DTS are pleased to present to ...
  14. Large Jewellery Forceps Needleholders
    Large jewellery needle holder forceps...
  15. Ball Holder 5 Prong
    Barber DTS are pleased to present the...
  16. Stretching Tapers
    Many clients who attempt to stretch t...

    From €8.85

  17. Rampleys Clamp
    These surgical style clamps are ideal...

    From €12.49

  18. Sterile Disposable Dermal Punches 1.5mm
    1.5mm Sterile punch with razor sharp ...

    From €93.99

  19. Duval Forceps
    These Duval forceps are ideal for use...

    From €11.65

  20. Tweezer Clamp
    Barber DTS are pleased to present to ...
  21. Mini Penington
    These miniature Penington clamps are ...

    From €10.65

  22. Needle Holder
    Barber DTS are pleased to present the...
  23. Ring Openers-Large
    Used to open up rings Available in l...
  24. Ring Openers-Small
    Ring Openers-Small

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Barber supplies all kinds of piercing instruments for all of your piercing needs. The instruments will ensure that you carry out your job with accuracy and precision whilst making sure that your customer is in safe hands. All of our equipment is of the highest quality ensuring that it is reliable and meets all of your needs and expectations. Our instruments will make sure that your customers leave your shop feeling happy and satisfied with their new look. Some instruments we have in stock include tweezers, forceps, ball holders and much more.