Barber DTS supplies both BPA and THC piercing and tattoo aftercare products which will help aid and sooth the healing process of tattoos and piercings. BPA piercing aftercares products are made from 100% natural ingredients as are THC tattoo aftercare products. BPA uses a natural oil which is light but lubricates the piercing which makes it easier to rotate and clean. This can be especially useful for dermal implants and stretching earlobes. Other ingredients in the THC products include beeswax, sunflower oil, olive oil and other essential oils which provide and antiseptic and analgesic properties Only high quality, natural ingredients have been used in these products and they contain no petroleum or paraben preservatives.

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  1. THC Aftercare 20ml
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  2. BPA Piercing Aftercare
    BPA Piercing Aftercare is lubricant t...
  3. THC Aftercare 10ml
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