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  1. TATSoul Gate Foot Switch with Clipcord - Pink
    The TATSoul Gate Foot Switch is the f...
    360,00 kr
  2. TATSoul GEN2 Footswitch - Pink
    This is an ideal option for a wide va...
    576,00 kr
  3. Critical Wired Foot Pedal
    The popular Critical foot pedal is al...
    591,00 kr
  4. Critical Power Adaptor
    The Critical Replacement power adapte...
    300,00 kr
  5. Powerline Clipcord Sleeves - 50mm x 600mm - Box of 250
    Keep tattoo ink and clients blood off...
    89,00 kr
  6. TATSoul Lux Plus 90 Degree RCA Cord
    The new TATSoul Lux Plus 90 Degree RC...
    246,00 kr
  7. TatSoul Heavy Duty Clip Cord
    This is certainly a clip cord connect...
    360,00 kr
  8. 360º GEM Heavy Duty Round Metal Foot Pedal
    The shiny silver tone base makes this...
    216,00 kr
    Out of stock
  9. ClipCord Sleeves on a roll - 75mm x 336m
    A Clip cord is a crucial item to have...
    240,00 kr
  10. Sabre 2m Straight RCA Cord
    The Sabre 2 metre straight RCA cord i...

    From 360,00 kr

  11. Critical Atom Mount
    The Critical Atom mount is made of st...
    300,00 kr
  12. Eikon Clipcord Sleeves
    Original, blue tinted Eikon clipcord ...

    From 105,00 kr

  13. Cheyenne Footswitch
    Replacement Cheyenne Footswitch for u...
    444,00 kr
  14. Footswitch (Non-Latching) - Standard
    Light pressure black standard tattoo ...
    102,00 kr
  15. Max Signorello Clipcord Green
    Clip cord wire with silicone casing a...
    264,00 kr
  16. Critical Magnetic RCA Cord - Straight
    The clever little minds at Critical T...
    471,99 kr
  17. Critical Magnetic Mount
    Add this Magentic Wall Mount in your ...
    300,00 kr
  18. Critical Wireless Universal Receiver (Euro)
    Introducing the Critical Wireless Uni...
    1 200,00 kr
  19. TatSoul Premium Silicone Clipcord
    This is a durable and reliable select...
    180,00 kr
  20. Critical Base Plate
    This steel Critical baseplate is the ...
    240,00 kr
  21. Powerline Silicone Clip Clipcord
    These clip clipcords have a silicone ...

    From 276,00 kr

  22. TATSoul Platform Footswitch
    TATSoul introduces the TATSoul Platfo...

    From 313,19 kr

  23. TATsoul Rage Mounting System
    Designed to maximize convenience for ...
    384,00 kr
  24. Eikon Footswitch - Treadlite with 1/4" Jack
    The Treadlite is a small size, tradit...

    From 288,00 kr

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Has your power supply wire been tugged on and has broken? Or do you just want a wireless footswitch to make it easier for you to manoeuvre around? Well you have come to the right page, we have everything from wireless footswitches to jacks and plugs to fit everything plus a European adapter that you could take to European conventions.