PMU Consumables

Barber DTS is your one-stop supply for PMU consumables. We offer everything for the tattoo artist as well as the permanent makeup artist featuring the biggest brands and latest products in the industry.

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  1. Unigloves Pink Pearl Nitrile Gloves
    Tattooists Pink Nitrile gloves, Sizes...

    From 102,99 kr

  2. Accupoint Containers 100/bag
    Accupoint Containers 100/bag
    272,00 kr
  3. Mannequinn Head w/ Eye/Lip
    Practice with the highest accuracy us...
    235,00 kr
  4. 3 Color Tone Practice Lip Skin
    Practice your art on different shapes...
    200,00 kr
  5. 3D Plastic Lip Practice Sheet
    Practice your art on different shapes...
    123,00 kr
  6. 3 Color Tone Practice Eye Skin
    Practice 2 different procedures using...
    234,00 kr
  7. Wide Base Pigment Cups
    These are carefully designed ink cups...

    From 78,00 kr

  8. Pigment Cups
    These disposable pigment cups are pro...

    From 29,00 kr

  9. Silicone Ink Cups 13mm (100 per tub)
    Increase stability when it comes to t...
    74,00 kr
    Out of stock
  10. 3D Areola Practice
    Practice your colour correction with ...
    156,00 kr
  11. 3D Brow & Eye Practice Sheet
    Practice 2 different procedures using...
    130,00 kr

11 Items

per page

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