Clamps and Forceps

When carrying out piercings it is important to make sure that you have the correct tools to do it properly. Barber DTS have a fantastic range of clamps and forceps for use in the piercing studio to ensure the safe and effective practice of piercings. We have both disposable tools and autoclavable tools ensuring that there is something suitable for every piercer. Our clamps and forceps come in a variety of different sizes for use on specific areas of the body. We also have tools designed for particular piercings to ensure the safe and effective practice of procedures. All of our equipment is made to the highest of standards making sure that it is safe, strong and durable.

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  1. Disposable Poli Clamps
    Disposable piercing clamps available ...

    Od 2,99 zł

  2. Disposable Foerster Forcep
    This is a popular selection of forcep...
    5,00 zł
  3. Penington
    These Penington clamps are favoured b...

    Od 41,00 zł

  4. Foerester

    Od 40,00 zł

  5. Rampleys Clamp
    These surgical style clamps are ideal...

    Od 50,00 zł

  6. Large Jewellery Forceps Needleholders
    Large jewellery needle holder forceps...
    87,00 zł
  7. Mini Penington
    These miniature Penington clamps are ...

    Od 44,00 zł

  8. Dermal Anchor Pliers
    These dermal anchor pliers are perfec...

    Od 60,00 zł

  9. Duval Forceps
    These Duval forceps are ideal for use...

    Od 46,00 zł

  10. Septum Clamp
    The septum clamp in an excellent tool...
    65,00 zł
    Brak w magazynie
  11. Ball Holder 5 Prong
    Barber DTS are pleased to present the...
    52,00 zł
    Brak w magazynie
  12. Tweezer Clamp
    Barber DTS are pleased to present to ...
    38,00 zł
    Brak w magazynie

Produkty 12

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