Barber DTS have some of the best apron on the market on offer. Choose between either Search and Rescue, who are a clothing company from Canada who pride themselves on delivering high quality handmade products. Every tattoo apron is made in their Vancouver studio by their small team from start to finish. No outsourcing, no sweatshops. They believe that a quality garment comes from the hands of a skilled craftsperson. So rest assured that this is a product that is made to last and will be one you are still wearing in years to come. As well as the team at Barber DTS being fans of the Search and Rescue tattoo aprons many well respected artists are also wearing them. Or the ever popular TATsoul designed by Jim Sylvia, the Leg Apron is crafted from durable, high-quality waxed canvas. Covering you from upper thigh to past the knee, The Leg Apron protects you and your clothing during the tattoo process by repelling ink and blood. True to the innovation you’ve come expect from TATSoul, The Leg Apron balances good looks with exceptional functionality.